Red Feather
The Orchids at Palm Court
Harvest Bistro (formerly known as La Poste)

Ruth’s Cafe
Christian Moerlein Lager House
Taste of Belgium
Zula Bistro
Enoteca Emilia

Eli’s BBQ
Hitching Post Fried Chicken – this one and not in Hyde Park
Brij Mohan Indian
Amol Indian
Sugar n’ Spice

Cincinnati Chili – If you’re up for giving it a shot, there’s tons of options. Our personal favorite is Camp Washington Chili. There are also tons of other independent neighborhood chili shops with hardcore fan bases. If you’re going to try a chain, we recommend Skyline.

Things to do:
Findlay Market – A great historical market with small shops and restaurants
Cincinnati Museum Center – A gem of a building with a city-focused and natural history museum
-There are several good tours around the city. Here’s a company that provides a few. The neighborhood of Over the Rhine, just north of Downtown is a particularly popular neighborhood in the city with lots of interesting architecture and great restaurants and bars. Washington Park is a pretty park in that neighborhood.

There are some excellent art museums in the city including:
Cincinnati Art Museum
Taft Art Museum
Contemporary Arts Center
There is an overwhelmingly strong theatre and music scene in the city. You can check out what’s going on here – Cincinnati Arts Guide
Finally, there are lots of great small galleries and small music shows around. You can look into them at CityBeat

For Jewish guests curious about access to observant communities and kosher food, this is a helpful and detailed website. However, below, please find a summary of some things you might be looking for:

Kosher dining/restaurants in the Cincinnati area:
Kinneret Cafe – A casual mediterranean cafe in the suburb of Deer Park (near Rockdale Temple)

Ammas Kitchen – A south Indian dairy restaurant in the Roselawn neighborhood in northern Cincinnati (near Rockdale Temple)

Marx Hot Bagels – An eat-in or take-out bagel shop in the suburb of Blue Ash (near Rockdale Temple)

The J Cafe – A Cafe at the JCC in the suburb of Amberley (connected to Rockdale Temple)

– All Graeter’s ice cream is also kosher

Groceries with kosher items
– Most Kroger grocery stores in the city have small kosher sections, but the Kroger in the suburb of Blue Ash at 4100 Hunt Rd has a larger section with kosher meat, bakery and dairy options

– The Remke BIGGS market at 3420 Highland Ave, in Columbia Township, just north of the Oakley neighborhood also has a section with kosher meat, bakery and dairy items

– The Trader Joe’s at 7788 Montgomery Road, in the Cincinnati suburb of Kenwood also stocks many kosher items

A selection of Orthodox and Chabad Jewish Congregations/Communities in greater Cincinnati:
Golf Manor Synagogue
Congregation Sha’arei Torah
Congregation Zichron Eliezer
Chabad Jewish Center